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Customer Support

Contact us with your questions about products, order status, invoices, tracking and more. We’re happy to help.

(866) 935-3370
M–F, 8am to 7pm ET

If you have an after hours rush order, please contact your local branch.

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Sales Support

(855) 625-5285

Does your company need a quote for gases, welding equipment, safety products or services? Whether your company is big or small, we can help.

Bulk Gas Support

For Airgas National Carbonation CO2 orders:

(800) 242-0105

For other Airgas Merchant Gas bulk gas orders:

(800) 265-1375

Emergency Services 24/7

Call the Airgas Emergency Response Call Center 24/7 at (866) 734-3438 about issues involving:

  • Chemical transportation emergency
  • Bulk gas emergency (for orders, see Bulk Gas Support)
  • Requests for gas Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or search here
  • Technical questions about cylinder labels

Have a gas leak? Evacuate IMMEDIATELY and call 911.

W-9s for Airgas Customers

Please note: The address on the W-9 is not a “remit to” address. Please use the address found on your invoice. Resources

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